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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Invest in Therapy?

Because YOU Are Worth It! Therapy is a life investment.  Most who have successfully completed therapy can attest to its true value. Counseling is much like “emotional surgery.”  It’s uncomfortable and scary, but so worth it once completed. Many spend money on positive or possibly even negative coping strategies, constantly seeking that relief.  I am here to tell you whatever you have chosen to reduce those empty feelings, it will not work.  Happiness begins once you have true clarity on your life.  When you are able to take a step back and truly learn to love YOU.

How long does therapy take?

The answer to this question varies from person to person, and it is not possible to know in advance how much time someone might need to spend in therapy in order to achieve lasting change. In general, the longer you have been struggling with a problem, the longer you will need to be in therapy. 

When can I expect to feel better?

Counseling is a process.  You can expect to feel emotional ups and downs during the process as you explore your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.  Confronting truths will sometimes feel uncomfortable but ultimately this will bring you healing and peace.  Your therapist will help you deal with any discomfort that arises and teach you techniques to help you continue to move forward and fulfill your therapy goals.

How can I afford therapy?

It is important to consider what you can afford before you begin therapy, so that you don’t get started in a process that you will have to end prematurely for financial reasons. It is just as important to ask yourself what will happen if you don’t get the help you need. Investment in therapy is like an investment in education and your life. It opens the door to a much higher quality of life than would be possible without it. Before beginning therapy, take a look at what you can pay without getting yourself into financial difficulty. 

What is the cost of therapy?

Individual Therapy $135

Couples Therapy  $160

What happens during the first appointment?

Our first meeting is a consultation, in which we will talk about your needs. I will ask some questions as we go along, you do not need to prepare for this appointment. You will have an opportunity to see what it is like for you to talk with me, and I will get a sense of what you need and how your needs can best be met. At the end, I will make a recommendation about what I think would be most helpful to you. If I don’t think that it is best for you to work with me in therapy, I will suggest alternative ways that you can get help. In some cases, it may be necessary to have more than one consultation session. 

How often do we meet?

Once we have agreed to begin working together in therapy, it will be important to meet at least once a week. This may be at the same time each week, or if that is not possible, the appointment times may vary. Meeting less frequently would make it difficult to have as much effect on troubling symptoms or to begin to change negative patterns as is needed. In some cases, after progress has been made, it may be recommended to reduce the frequency of appointments to bi-weekly.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to keep your session appointment, please call or email the therapist within 24 hours of your appointment to cancel. Of course emergencies arise and there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from being able to cancel within 24 hours.  Kindly let the therapist know what the problem is as soon as possible!  If you do not cancel your appointment and do not show, you will be charged the $75 no show fee.

What forms of payment/medical insurance do you accept?

We currently accept Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, and United Healthcare. All major credit card accepted via Ivy Pay, Alma, or Headway depending on your insurance plan.

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